Visual Company Analytics

Interactive Visualisations

ViCA is a real-time visualisation system to analyse sales and production cost data and to generate alerts from them. The ViCA system is connected to a Dutch ERP system called Olsthoorn Kwekerspakket. It has been installed at four growers successfully

Visualization involves a double donut. In the inner ring the top 20 clients are shown, the outer ring shows which products they purchased. Both are based on turnover.

  1. Size of the slice is proportional to the turnover
  2. Every slice can be clicked and causes the whole dashboard to change
  3. Hoover your mouse over a slice and you will note the underlying value

In-depth analysis

Dive into the details to find out whether a client purchases a lot in one year and does not in another year, for example:

Number of flowers per product | 2 consecutive years

Click on a product

Numbers per week | Selected product | 2 consecutive years


  • Select a client
  • Select a product
  • Select a production location
  • Select a sorting
  • Select a time period

Customer stories

Juriaan Weerheim from kwekerij de Zuidplas: using the graphs of prices and numbers I can provide a price to customers much quicker and more accurately. The turnover alert help me to manage my customer relations better based on a change in purchase behaviour.

Levi Evers from Bredefleur: due to ViCA we have more insight in the profitability per m2 of the different cultivars. As a result, I have made a different choice regarding the cultivars to continue with than I would have done based on my gut feelings. The system assists me to select the right product portfolio of lily cultivars. Furtermore, I enjoy analysing the data per client and product group.

Reinier Hoogendoorn from AltaNova: using ViCA I have a better control of my sales statistics. I can now analyse my daily trade of direct and auction sales in much more depth than I could before. I typcilly take my iPad with me to clients and show them their current sales behavior. This gives a solid ground for a tailored customer discussion about their needs and purchase behaviour.

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