Intelligent Rose Inspection & Sorting System

Processing and grading of roses should be done more accurately and more easily”, as rose growers told us by the end of 2014. This statement was one of the motivators to develop IRISS (Intelligent Rose Inspection and Sorting System).

The IRISS system is the first sorting system that can grade bunches into uniform quality grades, thanks to implementation of the latest know-how in 3D imaging analysis. The bud camera is capable of measuring bud height, bud width, color, openness (ripeness) and the bud’s angle of orientation, all at mm accuracy. The stem camera is also capable of measuring length, width and stem bending up to mm accuracy. Due to this accuracy level, it becomes feasible for growers to guarantee certain quality specifications to their customers, which is a unique ability in the flower business. Furthermore, the best roses can be graded in a separate premium quality grade, to better serve high-end markets.

It has turned out that flower traders highly appreciate that quality specifications are now provided and delivered upon. One can recognize IRISS roses by its label ‘Inspected by IRISS’. For more information, please visit

User Interface

The IRISS user interface connects to a database in which the measurements of each rose are stored. Through big-data analysis, the grower obtains detailed insight into measurement values and the effect of a change in sorting settings. The user interface also displays the rejection percentages of for instance stem length. As a result, the user is fully in-control and will maximise his profit.

Bud Camera

The bud camera uses multiple views to obtain a full view of the rose. Afterward, the imaging algorithms play a crucial role in generating a reliable and accurate measurement. After all every rose looks different and this demands flexibility from the imaging to cope with the great range in natural variation.

Imaging software

The imaging software employs adaptive algorithms to deal effectively with natural variation present in roses. For instance, the software filters out loose-hanging bud leaves to avoid the bud size will be overestimated. This filtering is adaptively applied depending on the shape of the rose.


The accurate bud and stem measurements enable to grade roses in any possible combination one can think of. As a result each rose will end up in the right bunch, thereby making uniform bunches. By prioritising the sortings, the grower can decide which sortings should be maximised in number. This sorting approach results in an optimal value of each rose.


IRISS is a product development initiated by 4More Technology B.V. and is funded by Stichting HagelUnie and Technologiefonds Tuinbouw. TechNature B.V. served as the project leader for the development of IRISS. Furthermore, it has developed the bud imaging system. The stem camera has been developed by Aris B.V. The user interface has been developed by TK-AgroTech.

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