Vision and Robotics solutions for natural objects

What does TechNature stand for?

TechNature develops and commercializes vision & robotics solutions for natural objects, such as:  fruit, vegetables and flowers. We use our know-how about the agricultural domain to develop solutions that elegantly deal with quality variation present in agricultural produce. Our technological innovations increase efficiency of production processes and typically result in a better product quality and lower production costs.

Our most innovative projects


Intelligent Rose Inspection & Sorting System

Silver Damage

Detecting Thrips damage on strawberry plants


Chlorophyll fluorescence of tomato plants

Melon Necrosis

Necrotic spot project for the world’s biggest melon producer


TechNature closely collaborates with end-users such as growers and farmers to fit the product to the market needs. In most projects we work with companies, universities or start-ups to build the product or service. In the following list of logos you find our customers with whom we work on projects. Furtermore you can find customers stories of our products on the product pages.

Our innovative products


Advanced crop sensor to measure chlorophyll content, plant stress and biomass


Visual Company Analytics

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